Wyver Lane 18th April 2017

It was to my shame that I needed Little Ringed Plover for my once long term patch in Belper, I have not been a regular there despite it being so close to home for a long time, mostly visiting Ogston and Carsington on my patch days. So when a pair turned up I was delighted to see that at least one had stayed long enough to see. It wasn’t an arrive and see it straight away afternoon though, we had to search the muddy fringes of the pool for some time and had given up in fact when it finally materialized on the mud fairly near the lay by. The day was glorious if a little nippy and the lane was very spring like.

Whilst we where scanning the pool we kept looking through the gathered group of Black headed Gulls, these were mostly 1st summer birds with just a few adults. Suddenly one bird lept out having white primaries, of coause your mind flips to Med, or Little Gull, but this bird was actually a leucistic Black headed, the hood too was paler brown than usual.

Also present on the muddy edges were a few Lapwings and Snipe.

The first flowers were attracting a few insects in the sunny patches with my first 7 Spot Ladybird and Hairy footed Flower Bees for the year.

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