Sabine’s Gull Carr Vale 13th July 2016

A flurry of messages that I missed early am saw a report of a Sabine’s Gull at Carr Vale. Sadly by the time I got the messages it had gone.

Later in the day when I had just sent a tweet saying I thought I’d never get Sabine’s back after a long tale of woe involving several painful dips… Cue a message, “its back”!

Now we were due to go to out for a meal with a birder friend, a phone message later and we were all heading off to Carr Vale. A nervous walk to the bottom of the reserve found us reach the small crowd, containing many of the usual suspects, and we got great views of the bird. Not looking like a full adult, we debated its age. After some research I reckon its a 2nd summer. It shows adult like wings and body but for a strange mottled area on the nape (a remnant of the youngsters shawl) and an incomplete head pattern. The bill is as a full adult.

Version 4 Version 2  Sabs 7The evening light made photography difficult as you were shooting into the sun, or later the light fell.

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