19th June 2016 Titchwell again…

A second trip to see the Great Knot, and on a stunning day it was too. We arrived on to the main path just in time to see the Knot swirl up off the beach… and luckily they headed over towards the pools and landed right in front of us. Almost straight off we spotted our quarry in the group! We then enjoyed fantastic views over several hours as the group roosted on the pond.


Version 2

And yes the Great Knot is in the above picture!

Version 3

We wandered round the reserve for a while catching up with all the usual suspects.

Version 2

Pochard Drake.

Version 2

Red-crested Pochard having a bad hair day…


Smart Red-crested Pochard Drake.

Version 2

Viper’s Bugloss

Version 2

Marsh Orchid.



Marsh Orchid (I think Leopard due to spotting on leaves)


Ragged Robin.

Some of the waders were giving superb views.

Version 2

Black-tailed Godwits


Version 2



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