15th June 2016 Titchwell

Version 2IMG_7600-01

When the pager mega’d off around midday, it was with some suprise I read that a Great Knot was in Norfolk at Titchwell, now I saw the infamous Great Dot in Cleveland (and actually got reasonable views) but we couldn’t resist another viewing of this super rare bird (4 or 5 for Britain?). We had to finish stuff so was after 2pm when we set off. It was fine and dry as we left home but on the A17 we encounted darker gloomier and after a while scary looking storm cells. We were around Sutton Bridge when we spotted our first ever Funnel Cloud in the UK! It was a good one too! Just after this we entered the storm and the rain was ferocious and the sky black and heavy (one of the most threatening storms I have ever seen). We finally drove out of this and past Kings Lynn, only to get a message on the pager  that the Knot was jumpy due to a storm nearby… we could see the glowering cloud and rain on the horizon. When we got to near to  Hunstanton the rain became the worst I have seen for a long time, it was positively apocalyptic, the road was flooded everywhere and you could not see where you were going. We finally drove out of the worst of it at Titchwell and parked up. Walking down past the centre our worst fears were realised, the Knot flock had flushed due to thunder and lightening and had headed for the beach. We continued down and past the pools to the beach and up to a group of birders, it was clear they were watching the bird, but it was in amongst a huge flock of knot on the beach. Eventually we picked it out in the middle of the birds but it was a while till the moving tide of Knot opened and allowed reasonable views. After a while a small group including the Great Knot flew up and right past us heading west.

Great Knot sketches sm

On the way back to the car park we were able to enjoy the reserves birds and scenes…

Version 4Version 3

I rather like the effect of the Little Egret pic’s


IMG_7595 3Version 2


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