28th February 2016. Gloucester.

We have been putting this off for ages… Paul had never seen Penduline Tit and the two wintering males at Horsbere Brook on the outskirts of Gloucester we inviting. However one thing after another got in the way but today we decided late morning to take a punt on them. 2 hours or so later we arrived in the layby next to the site.

A short walk to the edge of the pond and a stare at the reeds resulted in seeing them really well as they ran up and down the reedmace feeding on the seed heads.

I’m not sure what the bird on the right is hanging on to, it looks like its thin air LOL!

They pulled out the fluff energetically in their quest for the seeds. You could see just how well the thin sharp bill was adapted to this task. One other thing that struck me was that in the colours and shades of the plumage they almost exactly matched the colours of the reedmace stems and heads, even down to the almost purple brown mantle!

Also on the pool were a group of Black headed Gulls, a single Common Gull and two Little Egrets with a single Grey Heron.

In the reed bed with the Pendulines were a couple of Dunnock, two or three Reed Buntings, a single Chiffchaff and a couple of Long tailed Tits.

After we had watched the birds for around an hour they became vocal then flew off over the dual carriageway and dropped down on the opposite side near a factory. We called it a day and drove home, getting back by 6 o’clock in time to enjoy a Chinese meal with our friends!

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