13th March 2016. North East!

We had a trip to my favorite place today, the north east coast. I love anywhere between Spurn and Scarborough (along with Teeside for birding).

We started off at Scalby Mills in the sunshine as the tourists wandered past the drake American Wigeon showed well for a while in amongst the rock pools etc along with a few Wigeon. There were 100’s of Wigeon right out on the tideline so thank heavens it was closer in!

We then took a ride around to Holbeck Carpark in Scarborough where we thought at first we were going to luck out on Med Gull as there were only about 5 gulls there. However walking to the edge of the carpark we saw the last gull was a fine adult summer Med! After about 10minutes another chap with a loaf arrived (I had forgotten mine) and we eventually saw at least 5 individuals of various ages and plumages. I just wish there hadn’t been as many folk there as they kept flushing the gulls, especially a little lad with a badminton racquet.

Spot the Med….

We then went to Flamborough. First stop was North Landing.

Here we saw one of the Richards Pipits well (too distant to photograph though). It was feeding in the grassy field just behind the cafe and showed for about 10 minutes as it walked the length of the field. On the cliffs the Kittiwakes and Fulmars were already homemaking and the sea held auks in good numbers, Guillemots, Razorbills and Puffins.

Then it was round to the head itself and a little walk to the lighthouse and back. Here a Kestrel surveyed the area from the foghorn station mast, and a Stonechat showed well.

Herring Gulls were on territory too.

On the sea a steady flow of 100’s of Gannets were moving north.

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