Wells Woods Norfolk 17th October

Not been to Norfolk for ages so when Wells Woods had a purple patch (including a tick for my t’other half) we went…. Arriving the car park at the Wells end was full and we were forced to park at the Quay. Now this is a fair way fro mthe woods and I’m not well atm. I was frightened I might not be able to walk it down and then onto the birds. However fate smiled on us and I was able to indulge another of my passions, narrow gauge trains when we took the tiny 10 1/4inch gauge train down to the end!

We arrived at the site for the Blyth’s Reed Warbler and found it wasn’t being cooperative at all! A few birders were scattered through the area so we split up and began to search. Here were still Goldcrest, the ever present wonder of the last week. Also the Redwings were still arriving over the pines. The area we were searching was scrub and birch trees backed by pines. 1 1/2 hours later we had seen Blackcaps and Chiffchaffs and I had dipped a sprite… I nipped back to the loo and whilst I was away the others glimpsed the BReed… Anyway we set off further in to the pines to find the drinking pool. Here a Red-flanked Bluetail was reported to be showing well. Of course when we arrived it hadn’t been seen for hours. Giving it a while we decided to get the Hume’s Warbler. This was vocal so easier…. yer right! We saw it very briefly against the light but it was indeed very vocal giving the characteristic call loudly! Whilst here a pager message arrived saying the RfBtail was showing 500y east of the Drinking Pool in the pines. We arrived in the general area along with several others to find no people and no bird and no-one knew where to go. Eventually we ran into the chaps who had seen it and got views of this cracking bird as it moved restlessly though the undegrowth.


The light was starting to go so we headed back to the BReed. This time it was known to be in a thicket of rosebushes scrubby bushes. I ended up standing very quietly inside a bush and amazingly got really good views of it right in front of me as it worked stealthily through a wild rose before it flew high up into a Birch and dropped down away from us!!

Blyths Reed Warbler004

All in all a frustrating day and I decided I really don’t like crowds… but at least we saw a few bits.

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