Chesterfield 10th November.

Well that was a Derbyshire blocker for all of about 15 hours. An enterprising soul took a gamble on Monday morning and re-found the Crag Martin around 8am and it showed well on and off though the morning before pulling its disappearing act again early afternoon.

This morning it was back again so we went along for seconds. We were able to watch it again in much better light as it flicked and zoomed around the tower. Occasionally it would spiral up around the spire itself right up to the golden weathercock where it would hang in the air.

It also ranged out across the surrounding buildings at times. The weather was clearing and the light grew better. A bridge camera is not the thing to try to photograph a fast moving hirundine but after a lot of trying I finally got a record shot.

However the best part was when the bird settled on a ledge tucked up against the clock. It showed well as it rested there before on the chiming of 12 it dropped off and resumed its feeding. We could see it actually catching insects beside the tower stonework as it swooped around at break neck speed. It was even hard to keep your binoculars on it at times.

My video, bit shakey sorry!

Its on days like this when its so hard to photograph stuff I’m glad my main thing is drawing!

Crag Martin001_2

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