Turtle Dove, Notts. 2nd August 2015

Flippin’ heck, when I was a bit younger I used to visit a friend in Cambs and be woken up by Turtle Doves purring outside the bedroom window at an ungodly hour! On a bird race in Derbyshire we saw one at Cromford Meadows, I’ve even had them over my garden, then they started to vanish, and now I cannot believe that we actually twitched one at Barton-in-Fabis in Nottinghamshire as it was ages since we had seen one… Its a sad indictment of the state of hunting in the Med that this once common summer visitor who’s purring song was a sound of the long hot summer days is almost gone from our countryside.

This male bird has been holding territory in the village around the church for a few days. It was actually quite hard to catch up with on this sunny Sunday afternoon, but we did get good views eventually! He even serenaded us with that lovely purr!

Turtle Dove  Barton Notts small 2

Also here along the ivy clad wall of a garden were at least 5 Holly Blues jousting for territory, a good number of whites and a couple of Peacocks. In the sunny spots in the church yard a Red Admiral was flitting round the gravestones.


In the farmyard House Martins were still gathering mud from a tiny damp patch to repair their nests….


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