New Year!!!!

Excellent start to the new year! A 5am start saw us reach Fraisthorpe near Bridlington just after dawn and then after a short wait we saw the Little Bustard. A tick on the first day of 2015, not bad!

The bird was hunkered down in a brassica crop and for a while we could not see it from our position but eventually it walked into view and then remained in sight till we left about 11ish. However for most of the time all we could see was the head and the top of the mantle and scaps. But patience paid off with views of most of the bird eventually! A rather cute, small game bird with a nice open face pattern. The nape of the neck did seem rather dark compared to pics of the other two record this winter that have occurred on the south coast… The bird was pulling chunks off the leaves of the crop and eating them, so really it did not need to do much to reach its grub.

The wind was extremely strong and the light awful so I didn’t get any pics much, should have taken the digi-scoping kit had we been able to find the camera!

Enlarged version… both best watched at top quality, mind you they are not good quality even then!

Once we had our fill we headed off to Bridlington where we had a nice lunch and were able to watch a cracking Red-throated Diver in the harbour at extremely close range at times.

The usual Turnstones showed well too despite the fairly large crowds out for a new years day stroll.

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