Spurn 21st September

Ha…. after Fridays trip and saying how rare the place felt, what happens but a Masked Shrike is found at Rose Cottage early Saturday morning! We had football on Saturday so couldn’t go till today, Sunday. We arrived around midday and soon saw the Shrike as it fed along the hedge row east of Rose Cottage. Big thanks goes to the obs for arranging parking and viewing.

Masked Shrike…..

Not visible above is the delightful apricot flank colour that was present on the birds right side.

The area was full of birders and sometimes seeing some birds was hard, we never really tried to see the OBP as it was being flushed a lot (why for heavens sake! This seemingly more and more common and to me irritating?) and seemed to be mostly glimpsed in flight as a result… Whats the point! However we did see 3 Flycatcher species, Pied, Spotted and Red breasted. I only snapped a Pied but I also include an old shot of RBF taken on Scilly!

There were still birds arriving, including this really knackered Redstart, that was sitting sleepily in a hedge.

 photo IMG_8202_2_zps8b77d530.jpg

There were also still some Wheatears around…

 photo IMG_8184_2_zpsf962b5cd.jpg

At the end of the day we went for seconds at the Shrike and there were Roe Deer feeding in the field.

 photo IMG_8207_2_zps8bebe5d9.jpg

Whilst we were watching the Shrike, a message came over the radio of a possible small locustella, cue a small search in vain… got to say I think we gave up too easy, given the nature of the bird and getting a certain ID. Last time I was at Spurn and we went locustella searching we tried much harder even though it was a Gropper when caught.

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