2nd April

A phone call got me moving this pm down to Wyver Lane where Dave had found a mega… well a mega for Wyver anyway. A smashing adult Little Gull! I arrived just in time, I was able to scope the bird on the water and then in flight before it flew high away to the west! A full adult with those lovely soft grey upperparts and dark underwing and with a complete but patchy hood. Sadly I did not get any pic’s….

Later a visit to Ogston to meet some of the committee resulted in us seeing in our first 4 Swallows of the year in the now murky conditions, a group of Sand Martins dropped in to. There were still at least 5 Bramblings on the feeders behind the hide, along with a smashing Nuthatch and good numbers of tits. Also of note were the Bank Voles under the feeders….. confession time, I initially id’d these as mice but couldn’t reconcile them with any species DUH!!!! Lesson learned! Not used to seeing Bank Voles this well is my only excuse………….


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