1st April

I was nearly an April fool today. It was a beautiful sunny day and I got the urge to go out somewhere in the afternoon. I almost didn’t choose Carsington but the good weather and light breeze made me think of Osprey…. I didn’t get one of them but in my eyes I got better in the shape of a really showy Jack Snipe on Horseshoe Island! I knew the bird was there on Sunday but thought it was well gone and not reading my pager it came as a suprise to hear it was there. It was feeding along the nearest edge of the island and in the open most of the time. I love these birds with that compulsive bouncing they do.

Doesn’t that camouflage work well, the lines on the mantle and scap’s perfectly match the stems of the dry grass.


Also on Horseshoe was a Bar tailed Godwit, sadly still in winter plumage. The local Redshanks were very vocal and showing well, and we certainly be getting young Oystercatchers later in the year judging by the behaviour!

Chiffchaffs were very common and a few Peacock butterflies were flying round enjoying the sun.




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