1st March 2014

There were definite signs of spring again over the last few days and today was sunny but with a chill in the air.

The Bramblings are still here, occasionally visiting the feeders this pm….

Bramblings, male above, female below.

Now a lot of people I know would panic if they saw one of these anywhere near the house but I could not resist taking a few snaps of this cute chap as he explored the dead root of a tree in our garden. We never get many at all, years ago small mammals were common round here, we had shrews, voles etc in our hedges when we were surrounded by farmland, sadly now its a rare sight to see a mouse or Hedgehog even. Some years ago a couple of Wood Mice invaded the kitchen in the winter (they liked garlic croutons!) but some live mammal traps soon saw them evicted to suitable habitat well away from here! Since then only one or two have got in (love to know how!) and again found themselves having a ride in a car!

Wood Mouse. Not the most pleasant background but hey, its cute!



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