25th January Budby Parrot Crossbills

Well we finally managed to catch up with the flock of Crossbills at Budby in Notts. We went a couple of weeks ago on a fantastic day but never saw hide nor hair of a Crossbill of any sort.

Once again to our immense suprise we arrived to clear blue skies and a lovely day! The weather had not forecast this…. We walked out to the site by the cattle grids and once again no crossbills, but there were  few birders so we walked around searching… after a couple of hours we saw some birders walking off all together, a good sign! On arriving up the track to the puddles we soon saw the birds in the top of a pine.

Female Parrot Crossbill. With the typical bull neck and upright stance.

Once people moved back they came down onto the puddle to drink. There is a wide assortment of bill shapes and sizes, and calls. Are all these Parrots? Certainly some were giving the classic calls and had large bills but some I was more puzzled by.

Nice Male Parrot Crossbill.

Group of birds… I assume the orange yellow male on the left is a 2cy bird?

Unfortunately I had the camera set up all wrong so the pic’s are not good. Note to self after using odd settings always return it to normal straight after!

We then went on to Clumber Park (£6 to get in…. flippin’ heck!). Here we set off in super sunshine, but our target birds, the Hawfinch and Marsh Tit failed to show. We walked round but the sky began to become very ominous and the wind whipped up. We arrived back a few minutes too late to the car and got quite “damp”… however then the weather became, to quote, “Shakespearean”…. Thunder, lightening, hail, wind and torrential rain stopped play….

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