Glossy Ibis Bakewell. 3rd November.

When we arrived back from the south west yesterday I was knackered, but I did remember seeing a message on the pager about a Glossy Ibis flying over somewhere near Bakewell. I didn’t give it a second thought.

Waking up late this morning I didn’t bother reading the pager, so when I did late on in the morning I discovered the Ibis had been showing just south of Bakewell! We hurried out on the way to somewhere else and drove up the A6, as we approached Bakewell no birders were visible along the road so we figure the bird had gone, however on turning into the car park we came across a small crowd of the usual suspects… including a distant Ibis on the showground. As we got out of the car the rain came down, and would not stop. We watched the Ibis over on its flooded grassy field for a while as we were sheltering under the raised boot! Suddenly Paul asked “wheres that road then”? I realised we both had forgotten the road that runs down the far side of the showground.

We drove round and were able eventually to view the Ibis at fairly close range as it fed around the puddles on the grass land. It mostly rained really hard all the time but there was one brief spell of sunlight!

It was a typical juv/1st winter bird, being duller than an adult and having its brownish head and neck flecked with paler whitish streaking.

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