Fabulous Flamborough! 13th October 2013.

The weather over this weekend was bang on for eastern migrants… and for once it didn’t disappoint. We decided to head for Flamborough for a change to Spurn and arrived at South Landing to a misty 10am. On getting out of the car the sky was full of the thin seeep calls of Redwings coming in off the North Sea, hundreds of birds were streaming in! We decided to go up to the Highcliffe Manor area to bag up on the Dusky Warbler that had been seen. This bird was a little awkward to see as it worked up and down the rear side of the hedge, calling continually, but with a little patience we obtained good views. The bird was a pretty typical Dusky, being the dull dark brown upperparts contrasting with the paler underparts that were dirty looking and the cold buffer tones to the lower flanks and UTCov’s. The long super duller behind the eye and rather hollow looking ear coverts added to the distinctive look and the bill was lighter and slimmer than a Radde’s would be. The constant “Tak” call also gave it away. This area was also full of Goldcrests and the odd Chiffy. As we got towards the sea a chunky, long winged Great Spotted Woodpecker flew in off the sea and headed inland.

We headed round and back up through the top of South Landing where we had a couple of Yellow-browed Warblers and loads of Chiffy’s and Goldcrest. Also here a Brambling brightened up the day. The sun now came out and it was noticeable that the thrush influx tailed off as the day brightened. On heading back to the car we came across a local couple who were watching a very interesting female Crossbill in a pine tree, unfortunately the bird was not playing ball and was feeding in the back of the tree quite a lot. It did fly out and then back once but refused to call, but the couple had heard it earlier and said it sounded very different… and good for Parrot. From what I saw it looked very good, the bill was extremely chunky and the right shape (including the pale cutting edges) and the bird had the bull necked look of Parrot… as re-enforcements arrived it then flew to the other pine and we all thought it had just settled there as it did before but sadly it never reappeared…… A stop at the YWT building for tea and loos then as we left the carpark we noticed a chap with a mammal trap etc, he had a House Mouse from his garage/shed in a tank which he showed us. Apparently he had come to do a walk and talk and had come prepared!


House Mouse (a youngish one).

Off we went to Old fall which was full of warblers but the Pallas’s didn’t show for us so we strolled round the headland finding Ring Ouzel on the way.




As the end of the day arrived we went back to South Landing and walked past the still vocal Dusky to the area known as Booted Gully where a single Sycamore was full of Goldcrests, Chiffchaffs and an elusive Pallas’s Warbler.

Sadly the in the light and conditions I really never got my camera out for bird snaps!

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