North Easterlies bring winter wings.

The weather looks really good this weekend, strong winds with easterly directions promise Siberian birds, but today the wind is strong and from a more northerly direction and these blew in those heralds of winter, swans… more precisely Whooper Swans to Wyver Lane. 16 of these magnificent birds were found at 1ish by Richard Taylor and a timely text from Dan got me down there. Happily the birds were still there! They were awesome, alternatively roosting and snoozing and then becoming more alert and vocal. Amazingly only myself, Dan and Richard were there, to be joined briefly by another birder. The birds looked settled but at just after 3pm the wind dropped a bit and they became more vocal, almost as if they were chatting amongst themselves. This discussion grew more intense then, quite suddenly, one bird took off, followed by the other 15. Their wings making that lovely beating sound, they ran over the water before lifting off and gaining height, heading north up the valley, however they then veered to the right and headed out over the north end of Crich Lane woods and out of view behind the hill. Absolutely beautiful.

Also down the lane were 2 Lesser Black backed Gull (RT had had 20 earlier!), 2 Common Gulls a few Wigeon (4ish?), a couple of Tufted Ducks, a load of Teal and 2 Grey Herons but to be frank I didn’t have eyes for much more that the Whoopers!

Some of the birds.

Off they go!!

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