Carsington 16th September 2013

With all the wind that was around yesterday I figured a trip up to Carsington might be a good bet. However it was towards evening when I finally rocked up. There were the usual scatter of waders on the mud around Stones and the causeway 6Dunlin and10 Ringed Plovers.. I couldn’t see the tundrae from the other day today though. Moving on to Stones I ran into Dave and Clive who informed me Simon Roddis had found a Garganey earlier in the day and they had seen it earlier on the Sailing Club Island. We strolled round and sure enough there it was. It was spending its time alone walking up and down the waters edge. I did see it fly once and the fore wing was fairly blue toned so I’d hazard its a 1st winter drake?

Garganey Carsi 1

Anyhow, despite the wind and rain nothing else dropped in in the evening…. but there were good numbers of hirundines around and I really enjoyed a few minutes of standing in the shelter of the trees with House Martins swooping within inches of my head, all feeding up for the fantastic journey ahead for them.

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