Spurn 15th September 2013

Last night the mega alert went off, a Great Snipe at Spurn. The bird was reported late on and we decided it would not be there today…. Well it was amazingly so we set off for an afternoon of fun. What an experience it was too. I have been lucky to see 2 other Great Snipes at Spurn including one that fed in the open on a lawn at dusk, but nothing prepared us for this one. Other Great Snipes I have seen in the UK have mostly been fairly distant or flight views, this one fed unconcerned in front of us at very close range, wandering up to the assembled birders to within a few feet. I doubt I will ever see one this well again! We arrived after the bird had moved off the open ground of the drive of Warrenby Cottage and across Beacon Lane into the field and ditch so photo’s were harder, for a bird that showed so well photos were hard as there was always something in the way! This was undoubtedly one of the best experiences with a rare bird I’ve had for a good few years.

At one point the bird gave an excellent size comparison with a Strongbow can!

We had a wander round the triangle but the howling wind and horizontal rain really made birding impossible! We did run into a tiny Toad struggling across the path, he got a bit of assistance into the longer grass he was making for!

Then it was back for seconds with the Snipe!

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