Local Mega.

We had just gone out last night when I recieved a message that there was a Spotted Crake down Wyver Lane…. a real local mega and a new bird for the site. It was unfortunate we had just gone out as we could have made it down other wise before dark. Well done to the “Demon Crake Finder” himself, Steve Jackson for coming up with the goods yet again… I suspect he might have found almost all the Spotted Crakes I’ve seen in Derbyshire….

Fingers crossed for today…. and indeed the bird was still present, thanks to Dan I knew it was there about 8.30am but I couldn’t go straight down and when I arrived it was a good 20 minutes since it had been seen. I really hoped that wasn’t it for the day till this evening (they can be dusk and dawn birds sometimes). However after a nervous wait we got good views as it walked up and down the reed edges with occasional hell for leather “dread runs” for no apparent reason.

Sadly I found when I got there my digi-scoping kits batteries were dead so only distant record shots and video…..

Also I finally managed to see the Whinchat that have been present for a while…. there were at least 2 today.

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