26th August 2013 Spurn area.

Ideal fall conditions at the end of last week dropped tons of goodies on the east coast on Saturday/Sunday. We were tired so didn’t bother on those days but as it was August Bank Holiday on Monday 26th we set off for Spurn. We hoped quite a few birders had already been over the previous two days…. but sadly there were still crowds!   We arrived at Sammy’s Point just after lunch and tried in vain to see the Sub A that had been found in the morning. However we enjoyed cracking views of the Red-backed Shrike off the sea wall when perched about 10 yards away after it tried to evade the hoards of photographers…. Why do people feel the need to be a few feet from the bird? I take snaps if the bird comes close to me but I would never approach as close as some routinely do? All we heard at every bird all day was a cacophony of shutters clacking….. I confess its getting on my nerves now-a-days.

Red-backed Shrike.

Anyway Sammy’s was full of good migrants and also insects, loads of Silver Y’s, Painted Ladys, Common Blues etc gave us cracking views as they fed in the beautiful sunlight. Migrant Hawker and Common Darters were the main Dragons on view.

Painted Lady.

Common Blue (male).

Redstart, Pied Fly, Spotted Fly, Whitethroat, Willow Warblers and the like were feeding in the bushes. Paul caught sight of a hippo’ which he felt was an Icterine but I only saw it in flight, as it headed south over the bushes and away.

Common Darter (female)- Sammy’s.

We then headed round to Spurn itself and lunch at the Bluebell… then on to walk down the lane towards the Crown and Anchor wher we enjoyed excellent views of the Icterine Warbler and a nice Wryneck that was feeding on the roadside. Sadly here again the hoards were clicking away. It wasn’t to bad as we didn’t see anyone run at the birds. I managed a couple of Wryneck shots from across the road and a couple of Icterines but I have the advantage of the SX50’s 100x lens! So I can stand well back and still get record shots! Plus you can switch off all the sounds so its nice and quiet

Icterine Warbler.


After this we popped into Kilnsea Churchyard to see if we could see any Dragonflies basking on the walls or gravestones, its always so peaceful in there when there are no other birders etc,I love it.

Kilnsea Church.

Only Common Darters were showing today.

Common Darter.

We were very happy to see good numbers of Wall Browns here at Kilnsea and the Canal area, none would pose for pic’s well but its just good to see this once numerous species still around as its disappearing fast!

Wall Brown.

Walking along the Canal we were checking out a couple of bushes when a huge grey warbler flew into a solitary hawthorn in front of us… no doubts it was a Barred Warbler, it remained stubbornly out of view for over five minutes before flying again to a hedge further away, here we did see it work along the bottom of the hedge through the ‘scope and then it faded out of view. There was no-one within sight to alert so we left… I now realise there wasn’t one reported from that area today so I should really report it but can I be bothered, probably not as when I have before we have been ignored. I wonder how many more got through un-noticed despite the numbers of birders?

A single Green Sandpiper flew over us calling and showing well, it did try to land on the canal but gave up!

On the way round we spent a bit of time admiring the locals…. not sure the feeling was mutual?

A Local…   Long-horn Cattle.

Anyway we went on round the triangle and ended up near the sheep field where a Common Rosefinch had been seen, it was distant but did show well but in appalling light after about ten minutes wait.

We then headed off to Sammy’s again where we spent a frustrating hour glimpsing the Sub-A, I got one reasonable view as it worked across a gap but other than that it was almost impossible, what made it worst was it was in one, isolated and not very big, hawthorn bush along with at least 2 Whitethroat, 2 Garden Warblers and a Redstart all of which were seen very, very infrequently. We know it didn’t fly out either! Its hard to believe that they could hide in the small bush so well! I reckon the assembled birders reckoned we were making it up as, as we arrived, and were told of it being present the original few observers left so we were the only ones there when others arrived!!

Little Egret- Sammy’s.

It was nice to see Wall Browns here too!

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