7th July. Somerset.

We had been promising ourselves a trip to see the Large Blues at Collard Hill in Somerset for a few years, today we finally made it! We picked the hottest day of the year so far and it was hell…. even the Large Blues went and hid! We did manage a flight view of a male but we struggled for that even. Still the place is stunning and we saw loads of butterflies which was nice.

Collard Hill.

The list was….

Large Blue

Marbled White (loads)

Meadow Brown

Speckled Wood

Common Blue

Small Heath

Large White

There were also good numbers of Orchids on site, loads of Pyramidals were in flower and we saw the Bee Orchids and “Wasp” Orchids although the latter were sadly going over a bit.

Pyramidal Orchid.

Bee Orchid.

Wasp Orchid.

Marbled White.

Speckled Wood.

Small Tortoiseshell.

We then headed for Ham Wall RSPB where Little Bitterns are breeding again for the 3rd year at least. Unfortunately dispite standing for 4 hours only I got a brief flying view of the male… this Great White Egret showed better and we had 3 sightings of Bittern flying around and showing well!

Great White Egret at a Mile!

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